Our Story Affects Our Habits & Behaviors

Why is it that a visit to the doctor, especially a yearly check-up, makes us think more seriously about our health and lifestyle? We begin to think that we should have exercised more, ate healthier meals, and practiced more self-care. I have been thinking about this because I had my yearly check-up today. Though I am 95% certain everything is fine, there is still that…

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Changing Your Mindset Changes Everything

Developing your own small business is an adventure and along the way, I’ve come to realize once I changed my mindset, everything changed for the better. When I started this wellness coaching business of mine, I had no clue about what I was doing. Yes, I have a Masters in Psychology and I am certified as a Health and Wellness Coach, but I didn’t know…

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How I Decided to Embrace My Body

Have you ever found clothes that looked great on the hanger, or on a mannequin, but when you tried them on they seem to take on a different look? One that isn’t as nice? I had that experience just recently. Since my birthday is this month (hello November!), I decided to buy myself some workout clothes. The anticipation of spending some quality “me time” and…

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