Hi, I'm Lisa.

I inspire clients to create a lifestyle that nourishes their bodies and minds.

Lets work together to end eating your emotions away and guide you to a path where you can enjoy each day to the fullest.

I founded Luna Wellness not only to help women with emotional eating, but to support and educate all women who want to achieve the best version of themselves without subscribing to a stereotypical, cookie cutter approach to health and wellness.

  • Do you feel hopeless that you won’t achieve your emotional and physical wellness goals?
  • Do you find yourself eating at times of stress because you haven’t found the work/life balance you crave?
  • Do you feel that you’ve lost sight of how to make yourself a priority because you are constantly putting others first and feel overwhelmed with your commitments to family and friends?

A Luna Wellness Discovery Session is FREE and used as our first step to determine your 1-on-1 coaching needs.

Over the 30 minute session, we will start to uncover what your relationship with food is and how it affects your overall wellbeing. Once we understand more about this relationship, we will begin to define what health and wellness look like for you.

By the end of this conversation, we’ll determine if working together is a good fit and decide the next best step to help you reach your health and wellness goals. 

The Evolution of Wellbeing™ Program




The Evolution of Wellbeing™ Program is a 90-day 1-on-1 coaching experience that will allow you to:

  • Understand the roadblocks and triggers that weigh you down emotionally
  • Get your energy back, allowing you to do the activities you want
  • Learn some quick, effective stress reduction methods
  • Infuse your daily life with body confidence and love of your unique body shape
  • Have a healthy relationship with food & put an end to stress eating
  • Get your “groove on” with exercise that suits your impact and intensity needs.
  • Learn to enjoy your favorite foods without the guilt as well as tips on getting more fruits & veggies
Just breathe.

I would have to say that the most impactful part of working with Lisa was her sharing with me that I need to take care of myself before I can take care of anyone else. And, those words of hers... I’m definitely living by. Simply put.. Just breathe.

Tuscon, AZ
Why am I thinking this?

Lisa helped me deal with my insecurities and told me to stop and think, why am I thinking this? Where is it coming from? People don’t know who I am! They don’t know my life story! And to this day, I still use that tool.

Santa Clara, CA
Encouragement and accountability were equally important.

Working with Lisa Lee helped me to become much more mindful of my eating and exercising habits and overall health. She empowered me to make better choices, to figure out my triggers and stressors and to deal with them in healthier ways. She is encouraging and understanding, but also holds you accountable, which is extremely helpful.

Mt. Shasta, CA
Stress and productivity are tightly linked.

Lisa taught [our team members] that we need to take care of our mind and body at work, and at home. When we do this we’ll be more productive at work, and feel better outside of work.

Facilities Coordinator, BMC


Do you need a speaker for a health and wellness fair either at your office or, even a larger venue? I love to speak with groups of all sizes about different ways to create a lifestyle that supports living each day to its fullest.

Let’s work together to create a session all of your attendees will remember.

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