Lisa Lee

Hi, my name is Lisa Lee.

I help women reclaim their power to stop the tug a war of emotional eating and create a lifestyle they can savor.

I have always had a passion for health and wellness, but didn’t focus on working with clients as a wellness advisor until after I experienced my own transformation.

Working through the reasons why I turned


My wellness struggle was like so many other women’s stories: I was stressed, tired, and over extended. I was taking care of my 4-year old son while also working to complete my Masters in Psychology.

When you added the daily “to do” list of errands and housework to an already packed day, making time for self-care just didn’t make the cut.

I felt frustrated constantly.

I had no energy even though I ate plenty of food.

Worst of all? My weight ballooned to a very unhealthy level from poor eating habits.

Yet I told myself I didn’t have time to focus on my nutrition and exercise because I barely had time to handle everything else I had going on in my life.

I was stuck in a spiral of negative self-talk and constantly berated myself for not being thin enough and not being committed enough to my weight loss.

Not to mention, I had already tried various methods to lose weight before. I had hired a nutritionist and personal trainer. I joined Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig along with signing up for a “nutrition system”.

Nothing worked because I was just going through the motions focused on the number on the scale and becoming more unmotivated with lack of results.


My “aha!” moment wasn’t something that came easily.

My personal trainer had called me to tell me I missed our session again. She kindly recognized that leaving the house was difficult for me and recommended I work with a health coach instead. The health coach would come to my house, thereby removing at least one roadblock.

I’ll be honest: I originally thought working with a health coach was going to be a waste of time like all of the other things I’d tried.

Our first meeting, however, was game changer in my road to a better health. In working with my health coach, I started to address the ideas and behaviors I associated with food and nourishment.

The biggest change for me was recognizing food should be used for nutrition for our body and not as a reward or for comforting our emotions.

This shift in my mindset was my first step toward embracing myself as I am and creating a lifestyle around mindful eating.

A lifestyle focused on a passion to be healthy for myself and my family.


I founded Luna Wellness because I experienced so many positive results after working through the impact my relationship with food had on my health and wellness.

My personal experience, combined with my Masters in Psychology and passion for helping others gives me a unique perspective and approach to serving clients.

I believe all women should be inspired, educated, and supported to achieve the best version of themselves without the having to subscribe to a stereotypical, cookie-cutter approach.